ACPT Qualification – important information for Community Pharmacy Technicians

Update to all Community pharmacy technicians:

Please ensure that you maintain your Accredited Pharmacy Technician Qualification by keeping us informed of any changes.
It is your responsibility to re-accredit, and inform us of a change of base or period of absence.

If you are unsure what you need to do if you have any of the above outstanding please contact for further advice.

Please note if you are working from an older handbook the contact details have recently changed, please request a current handbook if needed.

 Kind regards

Alyssa Smee


4 thoughts on “ACPT Qualification – important information for Community Pharmacy Technicians

  • Hello,

    Please can you help me. I may be changing my community pharmacy work place in the new year. I have been asked if I have started/completed Nesa. I am confused. Do I have to complete all of these sections to keep my Pharmacy Technician qualification? I have not heard of Nesa until yesterday. Also I have been through WCPPE website and I cannot fathom out how I go about enrolling for it.
    I found an one email dated 5/10/18 in an email address that I rarely use ( Please can I change all information and correspondence to

    Many thanks
    Tracey Campbell

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