Consultation Skills English – Online

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The overall aim of this programme is to support you in developing your consultation skills in order to conduct effective consultations which integrate a patient-centred approach to everyday practice. By improving your consultation skills you will make a positive contribution to the lives of your patients, work towards improving patient outcomes and ensure that you are the best you can be when speaking with patients.

Learning objectives

On completion of all aspects of this programme you should be able to:

  • Explain the concept of patient-centred care
  • Describe the key communication and consultation skills and techniques required to conduct patient-centred care
  • Apply methods to assess your own practice and identify areas of improvement
  • Incorporate patient-centred care into your everyday practice
  • Adapt your consultation style to individual patients and the context of practice within which you work
  • Explore patient knowledge, understanding and concerns during the consultation
  • Support patients, by using a patient-centred approach, to help them get the best from their medicines and/or in making healthy lifestyle choices
  • Offer patients the opportunity to be involved in decisions around their own healthcare
  • Take your practice one step further by exploring tools and techniques, such as health coaching
  • Continually review your practice relating to consultation skills and identify areas for development

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