Webinar Recording: Supporting GP Practice Based Primary Care Pharmacists – A practical session on anxiety and depression medication reviews (21WEB11)

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09th June 2021 19:30 to 09th June 2023 20:30



Prevalence of depression and anxiety are both increasing, particularly over the last year with the pandemic. Depressive disorders are very common, and in people aged 18-44 years, depression is the leading cause of disability and premature death. Anxiety disorders as a diagnostic category are the most common psychiatric disorders with around 25% of adults suffering an anxiety disorder at some point in their life.

For pharmacists conducting medication reviews in GP practice settings it is vital to have both the confidence and skills to really be able to make a difference in helping these patients and in turn be an integral part of the practice team supporting in this area. Stopping medication that is no longer needed is something done commonly in other therapeutic areas but less so with patients who have historically had episodes of depression / anxiety but not for some time. This session will provide the opportunity to build confidence to be able to stop medication where appropriate but also recognise the role that practice pharmacists can have in supporting patients who are struggling and how this role fits with the wider practice team.

Learning outcomes:

After the event participants will be able to:

  • Describe the various classes of antidepressants, their mode of actions and side effects
  • Recognise the symptoms of depression, diagnostic criteria and classification of severity
  • Discuss depression treatment pathways – both pharmacological and non-pharmacological
  • Explain how different antidepressants can be switched to alternatives when needed
  • Describe the range of anxiety disorders and their treatments
  • Apply the information discussed to formulate a structure for a medication review for patients with depression and / or anxiety
  • Recognise the different levels of risk features for suicide and how to talk to patients about it
  • Explain how to manage patients with suicidal thoughts depending on identified risk
  • Use resources available to signpost patients to support their care 

Designed for: 

Pharmacists working within GP practices as part of their primary care role


Emily Laing
Advanced Mental Health Pharmacist based in primary care 
Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board

An interactive webinar with opportunity for questions
Pre-course preparation:

There is no pre-course requirement for this event

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