Delivering Eye Care In The Community – an Update

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15th March 2021 09:30 to 15th March 2022 09:30




Eye care is a common issue for many patients. Services such as the community pharmacy Common Ailments Scheme (CAS) and the Eye Health Examination Wales (EHEW) Service give Pharmacy and Optometry professionals the opportunity to improve patient outcomes. In 2019, we ran a series of collaborative events across Wales for both Pharmacy and Optometry professionals. These events gave an overview of CAS and EHEW along with case studies. Feedback was also collated to help improve communication going forward.


For everyone, a lot has changed due to the pandemic situation and this is an opportunity for both professions to collaboratively attend a live webinar event. There will be a brief overview of CAS and EHEW- focusing on how things may have changed or adapted recently. Following the feedback at the previous events, the updated referral forms (Pharmacy referral to Optometry and Optometry referral to Pharmacy) will also made available at this event.


Whether you attended the events back in 2019 or not, this webinar is suitable for you. Join us for this informative session so that we can support you in delivering collaborative services for the benefit of patients.