Equality Act

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The Equality Act is a law that came into effect in October 2010. It sets out a framework which requires providers of goods and services not to discriminate against any individual protected by the Act. The Act applies to all service providers of goods and facilities in Great Britain whether or not there is a charge for these services. The aim of this e-learning programme is to develop an understanding of the Equality Act 2010, where it applies and how adjustments can be made to practice in accordance with it.

Learning Objectives
•    Explain what characteristics are protected by the Quality Act 2010
•    Define the six types of discrimination and understand where in your practice you may come across the different types
•    Define what is meant by “disability”
•    Understand the background of the Equality Act 2010 including who is covered by the Act and in what situations the legislation will apply
•    Understand how individuals you come across in your practice may be affected by discrimination
•    Understand how you can support your patients by  making adjustments in accordance with the Act