Introduction to dispensing Update 2021 – online

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Learning Objectives

On successful completion of this programme, you will be able to:

  • Outline the functions of a dispensing service
  • Describe the legislation, guidelines and professional standards relating to the provision of a dispensing service
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities within the dispensing process for key members of staff and their education and training requirements
  • Understand the good practice guidance for manufacturing and dispensing environments
  • Describe the different tasks within the six steps of the dispensing process
  • Understand the principles of person-centred care
  • Understand the principles of effective communication skills
  • Explain how the Responsible Pharmacist legislation effects the dispensing operations of a registered pharmacy


You should begin this course by working through the eLearning interactive module. You should then take the post-course quiz; after successful completion of this, you will be able to obtain your certificate.