NICE Update – Long Covid

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16th July 2021 09:00



While COVID-19 symptoms pass quickly for most, some people are suffering ongoing effects. Much is still being learnt about these effects and why some people experience them and some do not. The term ‘Long COVID’ is commonly used to describe signs and symptoms that continue or develop after acute COVID-19. It includes both ongoing symptomatic COVID-19 (from 4 to 12 weeks) and post-COVID-19 syndrome (12 weeks or more). This webinar, in conjunction with NICE, will provide opportunity to discuss the recommendations in the ‘living’ NICE guideline and what each step means for patients. We will talk through a patient’s journey from symptoms experienced, investigations and examinations required, how to support and when to refer.

Learning outcomes:

 After attending this event participants will be able to:

  • Explain the new terms chosen by NICE for “Long COVID” and why they were chosen
  • Discuss the potential pathophysiology of post-COVID syndrome
  • Describe how common post-COVID syndrome is and its typical symptoms and signs
  • Understand the impact post-COVID syndrome can have on a patient
  • Describe the range of investigations that can be helpful in the management of post-COVID syndrome
  • Identify helpful information and resources that can be provided to support patients
  • Identify what post-COVID services are available in different areas