Oral Nutritional Supplements for Undernutrition and Nutritional Care of Older Adults

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08th March 2022 10:30



Oral Nutritional Supplements are utilised to improve nutritional intake for those who are undernourished, at risk of malnutrition or have additional nutritional needs. There are a large variety available, containing differing combinations of calories, protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to be able to tailor them to individual needs. You may encounter this patient group across sectors including within care home settings, community and hospital environments.

Did you know that many people who are prescribed them are no longer benefiting from them or can obtain the additional nutrition they need from food?

Did you know that each Health Board in Wales has Prescribing Support Dietitians, who undertake work which supports appropriate prescribing of these products?

Join us on this webinar where we will clarify key nutrition messages and guidance supported by the relevant research and evidence base.

Learning outcomes:

After attending this event participants will be able to: 

  • List the risk factors for malnutrition and the impact of undernutrition
  • Describe the principles of Food First, in the prevention and treatment of undernutrition
  • Identify when individuals may require oral nutritional supplements and/ or when they should be reviewed
  • Recall the variety of nutritional supplement categories available and associated monitoring requirements
  • Give examples of specific products which require caution and/ or should only be prescribed on the advice of a Dietitian

Designed for:

The pharmacy workforce working in any role in any sector. Although some aspects will be more relevant to Pharmacists, any member of the pharmacy workforce is welcome to attend.


Rhiannon Williams, Lead Rehabilitation Dietitian, Cardiff & Vale UHB


An interactive presentation with the opportunity for questions