Planning and Developing e-Learning

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01st January 2011 17:25


This is the staff development course for WCPPE staff who may have involvement in e-Learning in the Centre, on how we manage our e-Learning projects.  This is meant to help us all come to an understanding of the best procedures for planning and managing these projects and develop more efficient processes in doing so. 

The course will cover the following main points:

  •     the importance of project management and planning;
  •     the tools and techniques we can use to help us;
  •     the potential use of storyboards and templates in designing e-Learning;
  •     the importance of quality assurance of content; and
  •     how to develop simple content and interactions, such as basic PowerPoint animations, and use of videos, images and audio.


It will be done mostly online and the resources for each one should take no more than an hour of your time altogether.