Public Health Nutrition: key messages & recommendations about supplementation – what should we know?

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11th November 2021 15:00



Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients that the body requires in small amounts to work efficiently. Although most people should obtain all the nutrients they need by eating a varied and balanced diet, some population groups may be advised to take specific supplements to ensure their nutritional requirements are met and some people may need to take vitamins for therapeutic reasons. However, did you know that taking too much or taking them for too long may be harmful in some instances? Did you also know that the Department of Health and Social Care recommends certain supplements for some groups of people who are at risk of deficiency?

This webinar will clarify key public health nutrition messages and vitamin supplementation guidance supported by the relevant research and evidence base.

Learning outcomes:

After attending this event participants will be able to:

  • Explain current public health nutrition messages focusing specifically on pregnancy and the early years (under 5s)
  • Identify which nutritional supplements are recommended for specific population groups, and when these are most pertinent
  • Describe instances when individuals may require nutritional supplements for specific therapeutic reasons
  • Give examples where supplements may be contraindicated, or where caution should be applied within public health recommendations