Smoking cessation services from Community Pharmacies- an update

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08th March 2021 09:00 to 08th March 2022 09:00




Smoking cessation services have been a vital option for many of our patients requiring support to stop smoking for many years. Indeed, with NHS support, chances of success increase by up to 300% compared to going alone. This highlights the important role that our community pharmacies can undertake.  Whether you are already involved in the service or want to know more, join us on this webinar for an update on the current situation.



There is currently a variety of commissioning and service provision across Wales, and with a National Program from January 2021, this is an ideal opportunity to see what the situation is and what opportunities are available to make real differences to our patients.





Learning outcomes:

After the event, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the importance of Smoking Cessation Services
  • Explain the difference between levels of service
  • Recognise changes in the service including its role as part of a national program
  • Use the service in a positive way to help patients
  • Recognise what resources are available