Stop Smoking

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This e-learning resource provides background knowledge to support people to stop smoking.

The programme is split into three modules

  • Smoking and its impact on health
  • Communicating with smokers
  • Products to help people stop smoking

Learning objectives
On completion of all aspects of this programme you should be able to:

  • Describe the impact of smoking on the health of the nation and the benefits of stopping smoking
  • Understand how addiction to nicotine occurs and the effects of smoking on the body
  • Understand smoking legislation in Wales
  • Communicate more effectively with people around the issue of smoking and cessation
  • Recognise the various stages of change that smokers go through in a quit attempt and understand the motivational interviewing techniques that can be used to motivate people to quit
  • Explain how the medications to help smoking cessation work and the types of products available
  • Understand the effects of stopping smoking on certain medications

This course should take you no longer than 3 hour to complete.