Substance Misuse

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Pharmacy Team

This e-learning programme will provide the background knowledge to support people with substance misuse problems.

The programme is split into four modules:

  • Substances of misuse
  • Harm reduction
  • Communication with patients and support networks
  • Provision of services

Learning objectives
On completion of all aspects of this programme you should be able to:

  • State the commonly misused substances and the reasons for misuse
  • Understand the impact of substance misuse for the patient and their support network
  • Outline the principles of harm reduction
  • Summarise the risks from substance misuse including injecting and blood borne viruses and how these can be reduced
  • Explore communication approaches for substance misuse patients including under 18’s and older people
  • Understand the legal perspectives, structure and practicalities of running substance misuse services

This course should take you no longer than 7 hours to complete.