21WEB05a: RED WHALE The pandemic and mental health- how can we support our patients and look after ourselves? Session 1: Understanding Mental Health

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02nd March 2021 09:30


The pandemic and mental health how can we support our patients and look after ourselves? 
Session 1: Understanding mental health


The last few months have been incredibly difficult for us all in various ways. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has undoubtedly had an impact on the mental health of many. Join us on this series of two webinars where we will explore how the pharmacy workforce can support patients and ourselves.

Although these webinars can be watched as standalone sessions, we would encourage participants to watch them in chronological order to build knowledge then skills to enhance confidence in dealing with this important issue.

The release date for this session is indicated above, therefore you will need to register for the event by this date. However, these are pre-recorded sessions with the ability to watch any time you like until February 2022. You will be directed from our registration page through a specific link to the RED WHALE webinar platform where it will include all additional downloadable resources such as articles, diagrams and questionnaires. Whilst there will not be the opportunity for live interaction, questions can be submitted via the RED WHALE platform and answered offline.


As well as an overview of some important mental health conditions, we will consider how you can support people who may be suffering with mental health issues. We will explore why early intervention is important and give practical advice about what you can do in your roles in raising this topic. Appropriate signposting will also be discussed.

After attending this event participants will be able to:

  • Describe the signs and symptoms associated with some important mental health issues
  • Explain how to best support people with mental health problems
  • Understand the importance of mental health in the context of long-term conditions
  • Demonstrate key interventions that will benefit individuals who may be suffering
  • Identify appropriate signposting and resources


The pharmacy workforce working in any sector. Although some aspects will be more relevant to Pharmacists, any member of the pharmacy workforce is welcome to access these webinars.


Pre-recorded webinars including a dynamic mixture of different types of pre-recorded video content i.e. presentations, sofa chats, green screen segments, talks to camera, etc. delivered via RED WHALE’S online webinar platform from their award-winning tv studio.

Whilst there would not be the opportunity for live interaction, questions from the audience can be submitted via the platform and answered offline.


Please note there is no pre-course preparation required