The Responsible Pharmacist online

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This e-Learning programme is designed to introduce you to the responsible pharmacist guidance and regulations and offers case studies which will enable you to familiarise yourself with the key issues presented by the responsible pharmacist requirements.

This programme is aimed at all pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in community pharmacy, primary care settings and hospital practice. It is relevant to generalists and specialists who want a quick and accessible way to understand how the responsible pharmacist requirements apply to their practice.

Learning objectives

On completion of all aspects of this programme you will have developed your knowledge in:

  • Responsible Pharmacist regulations and guidance (medicines regulations).
  • Responsible pharmacist requirements in hospital pharmacy practice.
  • Describing the role of the responsible pharmacist in registered pharmacies.
  • Explaining the law and good practice guidance in relation to:
    • Displaying a notice;
    • The pharmacy record;
    • Pharmacy procedures;
    • Absence from the pharmacy.
  • Applying the responsible pharmacist requirements to practice situations which present difficult dilemmas.