Varenicline provision as part of the Smoking Cessation services from Community Pharmacies

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13th April 2021 14:00 to 14th April 2022 09:00



The National Enhanced Service Board recently approved Health Boards to consider adding the option of Varenicline for pharmacists to supply as part of the Level 3 smoking cessation service. For some, this will already be part of your role, however for the majority, this will be a new and exciting opportunity. Whether you already have the option to supply varenicline or whether you may have it in the future, this webinar is aimed at supporting you in your roles.  Join us on this webinar to understand more about the options available to you in relation to what you can supply to your patients.  We will also discuss the roles of other members of the team in relation to this aspect of the smoking cessation service, and technicians are therefore encouraged to attend.

The main presentation will be delivered by Viral Doshi. Viral himself is a level 3 stop smoking advisor and holds a full NCSCT certification as a stop smoking practitioner. He updates and trains healthcare professionals including GPs, Pharmacists, Dentists and Nurses.  His role also involves the production of Patient Group Directions for smoking cessation medication and Protocols, one of which is for the direct supply of Nicotine Replacement Therapy by named professionals. He has also been invited to implement his ideas, PGDs and protocols to many areas across the UK. 

Join us for this interactive and informative session to help support the delivery of smoking cessation services across Wales.


After the event, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the recent changes in the national smoking cessation service from pharmacies around varenicline provision
  • Identify the opportunities and challenges relating to varenicline supply as part of this Service provision
  • Explain the practicalities of delivering this service
  • Apply knowledge and skills to support varenicline provision as an option for smoking cessation services
  • Recognise what additional resources are available to support them in their role