15th March 2018

Clinical Community Pharmacy Services

This universally delivered clinical services, available from the majority of pharmacies in Wales, should ensure that community pharmacies are the first point of contact for NHS care that would otherwise be provided by other less accessible or less appropriate NHS services.

Four priority services have been combined into the Clinical Community Pharmacy Service (CCPS), which are:
• Common ailments scheme
• Emergency contraception
• Emergency medicine supply
• Seasonal influenza vaccination services

During 2022-23, a fifth priority service will be added to the CCPS to enable pharmacies to provide both bridging and quick start contraception.

All pharmacies will be able to provide the CCPS subject to meeting specified standards in relation to premises and training, but pharmacies have to agree to provide all components of the CCPS or to opt out altogether.

Please register for Access to the NCSA Hub to find out more about the training requirements and start the accreditation process, if you are already registered on NCSA please click here to be re-directed to the NCSA hub.