HEIW have worked with colleagues throughout Wales to create a training programme to support Health and Social Care workers to safely administer oral and topical medicines, from original packaging, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The training programme has been developed  for any-one who is supporting individuals with medicines within an NHS or local authority settings, as well as any informal carers.

Many care workers have not been involved in medicine administration from original containers, only from multidose systems e.g. blister packs. However, during the COVID 19 pandemic, community pharmacies, in many instances, are stopping issuing medication in multi-dosage system, due to the current increased volume of work. Due to current circumstances of lockdown and social distancing the usual face-to-face medication training is not possible, so an alternative method of training was urgently needed.

This new method of training will allow the health and social care system to adapt quickly to the new challenges as a result of covid-19 pandemic, whilst still ensuring the workforce can continue to support individuals with their medicines.

The training programme will also ensure appropriate training and support is available to make care safe, high quality and consistent.

To access this training you will need to register on this website.

(Details of how to do this can be accessed by clicking the button below)