6th December 2017

Pharmacists Independent Prescribing

Pharmacists independent prescribing

From April 2022, any pharmacy that has been accredited to provide the pharmacist independent prescriber services if they employ a suitably qualified and competent pharmacist independent prescriber. The nationally directed service will allow prescribing for a range of extended minor illnesses and for routine contraception. The service will also allow health boards to agree other prescribing services to meet local needs.


How to accredit for this service in Wales

For those pharmacists wishing to provide this service they must follow the accreditation pathway below:




*  Formerly known as NESA

**With Wales, all pharmacist independent prescribers must complete the antimicrobial   stewardship for prescribers eLearning. If you are already providing a prescribing service from a community pharmacy, you need to complete this package by 1st October 2022 to continue to remain on the prescriber list.

*** This BLS assessment can be done with HEIW or any other training provider that meets the UK Core Skills Training Framework standards for basic life support at Level 2. Assessment must include training in Adult Basic Life Support for all prescribers and Paediatric Basic Life Support for any prescribers that include children in their declared scope of practice. For pharmacist independent prescribers joining the list prior to 30 September 2022, this requirement does not have to be met on joining, but MUST be met by the 1st October 2022 at the latest, or their listing will be removed.


Click here to apply for independent prescribing funding.