Professionalism (Update 2020)

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Interest in professionalism has grown in recent years. The many reports of the unethical, illegal, or unprofessional behaviours of doctors, Members of Parliament, and officials in large corporate organisations have played no small part in why so much attention is being paid to the notion of professionalism. In healthcare, following  publication of the Francis report in England and the Andrews (Trusted to Care) report in Wales,  the spotlight has been on patient care and practice in NHS hospitals, particularly  the care for vulnerable older people. Restoring public trust is really what lies at the heart of attempts to define, describe, measure and assess professionalism in the healthcare professions.

Pharmacy practitioners play a key role in providing quality healthcare. In doing so, they must continually strive to ensure their professional standards are never compromised, and the reach and diversity of the services they provide protect patients and the public at all times.

The aim of this programme is to refresh your understanding why professionalism is important and how it applies within pharmacy practice. The programme uses a range of activities to help you reflect on your professional obligations and standards.