13th February 2018

CPD+ Courses

Advanced and Extended Practice

Details of how to apply for Advanced and Extended practice can be found here.

Accredited Checking Pharmacy Technician (ACPT)

This programme provides the skills, knowledge and accreditation to allow registered pharmacy technicians to competently and confidently take on the role of accredited final accuracy checker. 

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Medicines Management Pharmacy Technician (MMPT)

This course provides skills, knowledge and accreditation to the pharmacy technician to allow them to develop their role as a medicine management technician. The course will help to develop skills that will assist with the prudent use of medicines for both the patient and the healthcare setting. 

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An Introduction to Education & Training

The education, training and supervision of colleagues is now recognised as a natural part of pharmacists' and pharmacy technicians' everyday work. This programme enables participants to develop the basic knowledge, skills, and attitudes of education, training and development principles and apply them in practice to effectively teach and tutor colleagues.

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Other HEIW Leadership Support

In an ever changing professional environment, strong leadership is required to meet healthcare challenges and deliver service improvement.


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Introduction to Healthcare Leadership

This six-month programme aims to provide an introduction to pharmacy leadership and enhance the management skills of members of the pharmacy profession who are in the early stages of career development, or are beginning their leadership journey.

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Delivering Pharmacy Public Health Services

Public Health is a key area for practice development for the pharmacy profession to improve patient outcomes, and all members of the pharmacy team play an important part in this. This Level 4 programme is designed for pharmacy professionals who wish to undertake public health activities to promote health and wellbeing messages to others.

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Independent Professional Pharmacy Practice

The overarching purpose of professional regulation is to safeguard patients and the public, by ensuring registered professionals have demonstrated the necessary knowledge and skills to practice safely and are accountable for their practice. This programme provides the skills, knowledge and formal accreditation to enhance independent professional practice for registered pharmacy technicians across all sectors.

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Consultation Skills for Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy technician roles are becoming more varied, with increasing levels of patient contact requiring effective consultation skills.
This Level 4 programme is designed to provide formal accreditation in consultation skills to enhance clinical competence and confidence, and to enable adaptation of practice leading to improved outcomes for patients.

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Assessor Training (TAQA)

This course provides skills, knowledge and certification by City & Guilds to pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to allow them to develop their role as a work based assessor. The course will help to develop skills that will enable pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to assess learners completing NVQ based training programmes.

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Pharmacist Independent Prescribing

Non-medical prescribing or independent prescribing is the term used to describe any prescribing completed by a healthcare professional other than a doctor or dentist. Independent prescribers are responsible and accountable for the assessment of patients with undiagnosed and diagnosed conditions and for decisions about the clinical management required, including prescribing. Click here to find out more